TO-39 - popular header for various LD and detector applications with low heatload. Pins and base material is Kovar. Headers are usually with 6 or 8pins. The available open space is about 3.2x3.2mm2,

TO-8 - widely used headers for various applications in semiconductor industry, commonly used in IR- and X-Ray applications. Base can be made from Kovar or CRS.  Headers are usually with 6 to 16pins. The available open space is about 8.6x8.6mm2,

TO-66 headers are analogs of TO-8 but have side flanges for simple mounting and improved heat-spreading. The material is usually CRS, number of pins is 6 to 10. The available open space is up to 7.4x7.4mm2.

Enlarged alternative of classical TO-8. The available open space is up to 12x12mm2. Base material can be CRS or Kovar, number of pins is usually 12-14. The advantage of TO-822 header is in it's full compatibility with standard caps from TO-3 headers.

Transistor Outline or TO-style headers are widely used in electronics industry. TO-style headers have a simple single-piece construction with glass-to-metal technology for pins. Flat base with an absence of sidewalls is optimal for circuit installation, WB process, inspection and test accessibility. TO-style headers are common for  IR and X-Ray detector applications with vacuum or gas-filled environment.  

TEC Microsystems and ATG offer quick turnaround times on standard sizes and layouts. We welcome your prints and we will check our inventory to see if we have the style you need in stock.

Classical TO- header for LD applications. Material is usually CRS, header has 8 pins (customized types with 6pins are available). Side flanges simplify mounting and improve heat-spreading. Compatible with TO-822 by cap type.

Customized TO-style headers can be developed in accordance to Customer requests. Please, send us your sketch/blueprint for review, and we get back shortly with suggested solution, drawings and price estimations.

Wide range of manufacturing options and customizations is available. The following headers are provided by TEC Microsystems: TO-5/TO-39, TO-8, TO-822, TO-66 and TO-3. There is a list of standard solutions, available from stock or with a short lead time. Additionally TEC Microsystems provides quick development and customization upon request.

Please, select the header type below to get a list of standard configurations and manufacturing options. Or simply send us your sketch/drawing of the required solution for review.

Customized Headers Development